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We navigate the ever-changing pet retail market so the breeders we work with can focus on what they do best – providing quality care for the dogs they raise.



Breeders Can Trust Pinnacle Pet

As a dedicated partner, Pinnacle Pet is committed to doing the right thing for breeders and their puppies. Breeders can trust Pinnacle Pet to work with pet retailers and make decisions based on their best interests, ensuring their success.
We navigate the ever-changing pet retail market so the breeders we work with can focus on what they do best – providing quality care for the dogs they raise.

We Support Breeders


Pinnacle Pet also offers a number of educational opportunities for breeders, including St. Puppy’s Day, an annual seminar and trade show uniting hundreds of breeders each year. The event features expert speakers, vendors, and networking to celebrate and thank breeders for their hard work throughout the year. To learn more about St. Puppy’s Day, visit St. Puppy’s Day.
Pinnacle Pet:
  • Guarantees fair, reliable pricing for puppies
  • Helps navigate transportation and sales with pet stores
  • Dedicates extensive time marketing puppies and working with pet retailers so breeders can focus on their dogs
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Meet Our Breeders

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You guys are the best broker I have ever had, and I've been doing this for over 14 years.  I trust you completely.
Dana DaMitz
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We love ordering puppies from pinnacle pets. They are always happy and healthy pups, and if there ever is an issue they are are always prompt and happy to help with situation. They also always have a wide variety that helps give our customers more options on they're forever puppy.
Joni Keuter at Petland Orlando South
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We have been working with Pinnacle Pet for several years now.  I couldn’t be happier to be working with them.  Not only are they constantly looking for process improvements but listen to their customers.  They are dedicated to increasing the standards of the industry across the board and since we have been working with them have seen a dramatic improvement from other providers in the industry.  It is great seeing a company not only work with their customers in the way they do but also work with their breeders to exceed expectations; whether that is with their kennels, education or breeds. We have been so happy over their competition that we exclusively do business with them and have no intentions of working with any one else.
Kelli Daniels - Petland Jax
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Honestly we have been so happy with marketing through Pinnacle, that we have about stopped any sales of puppies to anyone else except customers that bought previously .. We enjoy bringing our puppies to you folk. We  feel they are well cared for and managed. That makes us feel good that they will go on to  a good forever home . And you employ so many nice people , people that you trust and manage to ensure our puppies get the best care.
Carol & Susan
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I use Pinnacle Pet mostly because of the people there.  They all make you feel loved.  They take excellent care of my puppies. Also getting paid on time helps too.
Anita Gustin
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