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Canine Care Certified is a program backed by a land-grant university that is nationally recognized and trusted by consumers as one of the top veterinary schools in the nation, Purdue Veterinary University. The average pet owner is not familiar with the day-to-day life of a dog breeder but is deeply concerned with the welfare of […]

We’d like you all to meet Chelsi Hill! If you haven’t had the chance to get to know her yet, we hope you’ll get the chance very soon!About Chelsi HillChelsi started working here about four months ago, and we’re so glad she did! Chelsi’s close family friend, Erica Huckstep, who she grew up calling an […]

Several months ago, we talked about the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) efforts, which tracks and manages the genetic information of domesticated dog breeds across generations. Although the OFA mission is rooted in canine genetic disorders, their genetic database is not restricted by orthopedic illnesses or animal type, or species.OFA continues to fund research and […]

You may have seen on our website that we are supporters of Canine Care Certified ( If you’re wondering what that is, we wanted to take some time out in our blog and explain what Canine Care Certified is all about and why at Pinnacle Pet, we consider it such an important thing.Canine Care Certified […]

The People and Values That Built Pinnacle PetThe vision and motivation of Pinnacle Pet’s staff set the values and trajectory of the company. We sat down to discuss what each member of the Pinnacle Pet management team sees as the defining characteristics of Pinnacle Pet. The commonalities between them are a love of people and […]