St. Puppy’s Day is the event that celebrates you and what you do. This year we have an excellent lineup of pet care community experts, including:

Jeanette Forrey

*Empowering Puppies *Empowering Breeders* Empowering Owners*

Jeanette grew up in a small town Montana, graduated college, and moved to Las Vegas where she taught middle school.  At the time, she had a dog Getzy who was intelligent and filled with spirit.  He inspired her to complete the Pet Partner Training which allowed him to be an official Therapy Dog to help those in need.

During this time, Getzy accompanied Jeanette into the classroom and helped her pilot a facility dog program in her 8th grade class. It was then she saw the importance of working dogs! She realized the need to breed and provide puppies developed with the best care, socialization, health and love. 

Jeanette is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and IACP Member. She is the author of “The Ultimate Badass Breeder’s Guide” and Founder of the B.A.B (Badass Breeder) Puppy Evaluation and B.A.B. Advanced Service Dog Curriculum, both of which are nationally recognized!  Jeanette focuses on empowering puppies to believe in their own abilities while also honoring them in their placement based on their temperament test. Giving puppies a voice in their placement is changing the breeding industry for breeders, dogs and owners.

Jeanette has also developed the first ever software for breeders to use in their program for puppy curriculum, data, tracking lines, a puppy evaluation algorithm, reminders, customizable exposure, food and medication options as well as beautiful reports showcasing their entire program just to name a few. She teaches and mentors breeders all over the world (in person, online, and through seminars).  By uniting breeders on common standards and educating the public on how to buy, she is becoming a driving force to shut down puppy mills and ill-intentioned backyard breeders. Our dogs deserve more and we all truly want the same thing for our dogs. 

Jeanette lives in a little town outside Las Vegas, NV with her husband and kids.  Together they run 4E Kennels with honesty and integrity.  Jeanette believes in the power of a dog and the ability they have to change lives.  She does this by giving puppies a voice by honoring,  respecting and empowering them. 

Welcome to the New Standard!

Legislative Update

Mike Bober

Mike Bober joined the Pet Advocacy Network as the Vice President of Government Affairs in 2013 and has led the organization’s advocacy efforts ever since.  In January of 2016, he was named President and CEO. 

To spread the word about the power of pets and the benefits of the human-animal bond, Mike and the team at the Pet Advocacy Network have established or expanded several popular events on Capitol Hill including Pet Night, therapy animal interactions, and an annual legislative fly-in for the pet care community. Throughout 2020, they led the nationwide effort to ensure that pet retailers and service providers were included as “essential” businesses and permitted to remain open as closures went into effect across the country.

Previously, Mike served as Coalitions Director for a national political committee, where he presented on key Congressional races and grassroots engagement to groups nationwide. His specialties include legislative analysis, connecting with lawmakers, coalition-building and outreach. 

He was named one of the pet industry’s “Forty Under 40” by Pet Age in 2016. In 2020, the World Pet Association presented him with their Pawsitive Impact Award, and he was included in Pet Age’s inaugural “Power 50” list and the National Institute of Lobbying & Ethics’ “Top Lobbyists of 2021” list last year. In March, he was recognized by Association Trends as a “2022 Leading Association Lobbyist.”

Mike is a former Jeopardy! champion who sometimes answers in the form of a question and a Certified Barbecue Judge on the KCBS circuit. He and his family have taken advantage of all their extra time at home recently to bond with Scruffles, their new cocker spaniel.

Dr. Kathy Campitelli

Dr. Kathy Campitelli is the Kennel and Small Pet Specialist for USDA APHIS Animal Care’s Center for Animal Welfare. She has been with Animal Care since 2014, serving as a field Veterinary Medical Officer near Columbus, Ohio, until her promotion to her current position earlier this year. Her 8 years of inspection experience have armed her with not only the knowledge and expertise of the care and husbandry for a variety of pet animal species, but also an understanding of the common business practices of the pet breeding industry. She attended The Ohio State University and earned degrees in Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Public Health, and Animal Science. As Animal Care’s new Specialist, Dr. Campitelli hopes to promote excellent standards of practice to ensure the care and welfare of pets being bred and raised for families across the country.

Claire Wiley, VDM, DAC

Claire Wiley is a Clinician Investigator and board-certified small animal internist at the North Carolina State University College of Medicine and scientific consultant for the American Kennel Club (AKC) DNA Program. Claire investigates the genomic profiling of canine bladder and prostate cancer, and the use of molecular diagnostics as screening tools for early diagnosis. As part of these studies, she also provides expertise in clinical trials and citizen scientist engagement. Previously, She graduated with a VMD from the University of Pennsylvania, where she helped identify a genetic marker for protein-losing nephopathy in Soft-coated Wheaten terriers. Additionally, Claire has over thirty years of experience breeding, showing, and training Portuguese water dogs.

Trent Loos

Everyone eats and as people become more interested in where their food comes from and who is producing it, Trent Loos is bridging that divide between the rural folks that raise the food and their urban consumers who want to understand them. 

To share the positive story of production agriculture has been the mission of Trent Loos since he walked into a radio station in Spearfish, SD in 2000 and asked to have his own program. That dream of this sixth generation United States farmer, often touted as an agricultural activist, came true on January 8, 2001 when “Loos Tales” aired on radio station KMZU in Missouri. Today, 3 million listeners on nearly 100 radio stations in 21 states hear the show every day, along with online listeners worldwide. In addition to “Loos Tales”, Trent hosts and produces “Rural Route Radio,” and “Dakota Trails and Tales” which are available on numerous radio outlets and at his website www.LoosTalesMedia.com. “Trent on the Loos” is his daily television broadcast on BekTV in North Dakota and available online at Bek.news/TrentontheLoos. Trent hosts “Across the Pond” each morning on Facebook with Andrew Henderson from the UK.

Trent travels the globe to unearth stories about the people involved in the many different facets of production agriculture and to ignite a passion for the story of food and the people who raise it. Trent has shared his message in 48 different states, Japan, Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom and Canada with great enthusiasm for an industry he truly believes in. He encourages producers to stand up and proudly tell consumers about life on their family farming operations. 

In 2008, Trent was recognized by West Quest as the “Voice of Rural America.” His Loos Tales columns are printed weekly in the High Plains Journal and reprinted worldwide. He enjoys volunteering to support our troops with the All-American Beef Battalion and served on the Ag Advisory committee for President Donald Trump.

Raised on a diversified farm near Quincy, IL, Trent got his start in swine production raising a runt pig. Now his family raises high quality pork, beef cattle and ranch horses. Trent earned an American Farmer Degree in FFA and has won numerous awards at state and national swine shows. Trent is an advisory board member for the Team Purebred junior swine association and volunteers for 4-H and FFA events.

Trent and his wife Kelli have three daughters, Libbi, Lindsi and Landri. Their family adventures typically revolve around animals and sports, especially softball! Their latest endeavor is a foray into the retail meat business with home-raised products marketed through Purple Ribbon Pork.

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