St. Puppy’s Day PAWS-itive Vibes Only!

St. Puppy’s Day 2022 is right around the corner! This year’s event will be held on August 6 at the White River Conference Center in Springfield, Missouri. We can’t wait to see you there!

This is an event you CANNOT afford to miss!

The Largest Breeder Education Event
In the US

St. Puppy’s Day started in 2009 as a way for us to thank the Professional Breeder for their hard work with a home-cooked meal and values from vendors we work with. Since the first event, St. Puppy’s Day has grown into a major event, complete with expert speakers, multiple vendors, and a full meal, attended by hundreds of your peers, the Professional Breeder.

St. Puppy’s Day
Mission Statement

Pinnacle Pet is a place where the mission, vision, and values are more than something that’s framed and stuck on the wall in the lobby. They are a set of principles that are lived and breathed by the enthusiastic workforce – people who are so loyal they never want to leave the organization or industry. Pinnacle Pet is a fun place that does good things and is growing despite a tough economy. We want to reward your hard work with great prices and an honest business relationship.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to ensure your success and livelihood as a Professional Pet Breeder by promoting your hard work and dedication to your puppies, not our ability to buy and sell them. Our values root Pinnacle Pet in the practice of treating you as a partner, not just another vendor. This Event gives you the ability to purchase from industry friendly companies, increase your professional knowledge, and enjoy some well-deserved attention while being served a home-cooked meal. The presenters who speak at this event offer up years of experience, expertise and insight to you. Pinnacle Pet strives to make St. Puppy’s Day a singular day event that packs in years worth of value

St. Puppy’s Day 2022


Jeanette Forrey

Jeanette Forrey

Mike Bober

Mike Bober

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Where To Stay

Event Lodging:

St. Puppy’s Day 2022 lodging details to be announced soon!

Things To Look Foward To…
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