When Should I Start Training My Puppy | The Importance of Puppy Training

Posted on February 3, 2022 by Pinnacle Pet

Having a puppy is a huge blessing. They’re cute, fun, and just love to spend time with us! But having a puppy is also a big responsibility. And if you want a well-adjusted dog that isn’t going to jump on house guests and eat the couch, you’ll want to start on a training regimen from a young age. 

Start Training Your Puppy at 8-16 Weeks

The recommended time to begin training your puppy is when they are aged 8-16 weeks. For most puppies and owners, this will turn out to be about the time you take them home for the first time. That’s right, puppy training should start early. Puppies are curious creatures who begin learning and exploring early. Their little puppy minds are a sponge at 8-16 weeks, so now is the perfect time to start teaching them! 

What Should My Puppy Learn at 8-16 Weeks?

At All Dog’s Dream, we recommend teaching your puppy the basics. They include:

  • Crate Behavior
  • Attentiveness 
  • Leash Walking
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Come

These training basics set the stage for every other behavior you will teach your dog as it grows up. So start simple and start early. By working with your dog when they’re young, you’ll be making sure that you have a wonderful companion for many years!

Interested in bringing your puppy to behavior training classes?

All Dogs Dream is hosting 4-week long puppy training courses for younger puppies. And, if your dog is a little older, consider bringing them to a 7-week group training class!

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